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Professional Support

Each Academy District 20 school has at least one special education teacher and speech/language pathologist. Students may also receive supports from school social workers, school psychologists, school nurses and occupational and physical therapists. 

Our special education staff members work with students and their families in a variety of ways such as: completing assessments, participating in the development of Individual Education Plans (IEPs) and providing specialized support services. 

Special Education staff meet the state standards for licensed teachers and/or special service providers through the Colorado Department of Education. 

Communication and Social Delay Program

The Communication and Social Delay program (CSD) is only offered at the elementary and middle school levels  and is designed to support students who need intensive interventions in the area of social communication skills. Emphasis is also placed on interventions that support emotional regulation awareness and coping strategies.

Students in the program are on or close to grade level in regards to their academic achievement.  The program does address academic needs; however, the primary focus is to build social communication and emotional regulation skills so that students can independently access the general education setting and curriculum.  Although the program is designed to provide interventions that support the core challenges of autism spectrum disorders, the program is not exclusive to those students who are identified as having an autism spectrum disorder. 

For more information about the CSD program at Discovery Canyon Middle School please contact our school's principal.

Contact Us

6th Grade Resource: Terri Snow

7th Grade Resource: Lila Lund

8th Grade Resource: Linda Braun

Significant Support Needs (SSN): Taylor May

Communication Social Delay (CSD): Antoinette Rodman