Discoveries: Highlights

 Computer Technology

September: Students will be introduced to computer science and will learn about programming and coding a computer to do what you'd like.

 Industrial Technology

6th grade students will launch rockets and then begin a drafting project; 7th grade students will be finishing their pen set project and starting CO2 cars; and 8th grade students will be building robot arms.


In third quarter 6th grade will finish creating paper structures and begin a wood working project, creating golf tee puzzles. 7th grade will be making metal pencil boxes and name blocks. 8th grade will be working on the key shaped key rack.


 Language Acquisition/French



In August and September, students in Year 1 are learning the basics of communicating in French. Students in Year 2 and Year 3 are reviewing the most important ideas from their last year's French class. All MS French students are completing practice records for which they choose how they want to practice outside of class. 


 Language Acquisition/Spanish

Las clases de Dowdy y de Washington 



During the first several weeks of classes, we are establishing community, and building confidence in our language-learning skills through memorization and repetition, and recognizing that we are capable of much more.


NIVEL UNO: Our level 1 classes will be focusing on some of the basics of the language: greetings and introductions, weather expressions, numbers and alphabet, and pronunciation.


NIVEL DOS: Noun/adjective agreement is the focus of our level 2 classes as we focus on the school community: class schedules, locations and feelings using the verb "estar."


NIVEL TRES: Level 3 classes are reviewing subject/verb agreement and verb conjugation in preparation for more complex expressions involving family, celebrations, and numbers. 



Mrs. Grainger - 6 - 8 grades

We are doing a Flag Football Unit for September.


Mr. Smiley - 6-8 grades

For September, students are doing a soccer unit.


 Performing Arts: Band & Orchestra

6th: Students are working on building instrument technique, creating quality beginning sounds, reading note names on the staff and reading simple rhythms on the staff.


7th: Students are working on creating beautiful sounds on their instrument and extending their range.  We will be working on reading more complex rhythms and performing Grade 1 Music in preparation for our Fall Concert.


8th: Students are working on playing in tune with beautiful tone using a 2 octave chromatic range on their instrument.  We will be working on reading more complex and syncopated rhythms. 8th Graders are preparing Grade 2 Music in preparation for our Fall Concert.

 Performing Arts: Choir


General 6th, 7th/8th Grade Choirs:
Students are learning tons of basic choral skills – posture, breathing techniques,  correct vowel placement, how to blend within an ensemble, solfege, Curwen Hand Signs, and many other skills required in every day choral singing.  We will be working on developing sight singing skills, rhythmic reading skills, and how to work as a team.  Students will also get to know their classmates and strive to create a comfortable, safe, enjoyable learning environment where they can feel free to express themselves through singing.


7th Concert Choirs and 8th Thunder Tones:

Similarly to the General Choirs, the advanced choirs are working on developing basic choral skills, and are preparing for their performances this semseter. Students are learning to work together as team-mates through rehearsals through practicing rehearsal techniques and  team-building activities,. The Thunder Tones are preparing for two (quickly-approaching) performances in November!

 Performing Arts: Drama

6th grade Drama, 7th grade Drama, 8th grade Theater, One Act Production

            In all Drama classes, creating a safe environment for students to take risks is extremely important.  In August, we will be working on building our ensemble environment as a positive and supportive community, through teambuilding exercises and dramatic games.  This introduction to the class will end with each student performing a "Me Speech," a chance for the class to learn a little more about each student.


Advanced Acting

            Like the other Drama classes, Advanced Acting will also be spending time working on creating a safe ensemble environment.  Once we complete this important work to establish our classroom culture, we will be beginning our audition unit.  Students will learn audition techniques and perform a monologue as their audition for our fall show.

 Visual Arts


2/D Art

6th grade 2D Visual art will be learning about the elements (line, shape, color, form, value, space, time, and texture) and principles (balance, unity, pattern, rhythm, emphasis, proportion, contrast, repetition, and variation) of design. The first project will emphasize what they had learned about line and color.  They will learn about the urban art of graffiti and be able to create their own "tag" on magnets using sharpies.  This lesson is designed so that students further develop fine motor skills and a unique signature for future artwork. 

7th grade 2D Visual art also will be learning about the elements (line, shape, color, form, value, space, time, and texture) and principles (balance, unity, pattern, rhythm, emphasis, proportion, contrast, repetition, and variation) of design. 7th grade classes will be learning the art of 2D traditional animation and develop their own characters to be placed in worlds of his or her own creation.

8th grade Drawing /Painting students will be learning about the elements and principles of design as well, and use their knowledge of line and color to create an illuminated page using paint, crayons, and ink, much like those created during the medieval era, but with unique and modern illustration. 

8th grade Photography students will be learning about their cameras and learn about the rules of composition.  Students will be asked to take photos that correspond to these composition rules. All the while they will be introduced to Photoshop CS6, and be working on various tutorials.

 All students will soon be receiving their Visual Arts Journals and be expected to add entries to said journals the first 10 minutes of every class.

All students in both 2/D and 3/D art will soon be completing art work for the ART TO REMEMBER fundraiser this semester.  You will receive more information soon.



Jenifer Filbert

2D Art/ Multi Media Teacher

Discovery Canyon Campus

1810 North Gate Blvd.

Colorado Springs, CO 80921




 Visual Arts: 3D Art


Shell Acker

3/D Art/8th grade softball coach


All students are receiving their sketch books (Visual Arts Journals) this week.  Pencils and erasers have yet to arrive. 

6th graders have begun work on their "Giving Plate".  They also learned how to write their signatures in clay on a small "Thunder Cloud Dish"…. They will be working with the design cycle as they work their way through their first creation in clay.  The students are studying about Personal and Cultural expression. 


7th graders are also starting their first projects after practicing signing their name in clay on "Learner Profile Pocket Rocks"  The worry stones will go in their pockets when complete and give them something to fiddle with but also something to reflect on.  The first project is solving a problem of organization in their own bathrooms at home.  The students are working to design a "Toothbrush Holder" out of clay.


8th grade sculpture students are currently drawing and designing a vessel with the Fall season.  They are making an additive sculpture that represents the Aspen trees in Colorado.


8th grade Mixed Media Fabrication students have created a stamped clay pendant and are now working on a ceramic piece incorporating leaves that fall during this season.  They will be working in their visual arts journals each day and creating many works of their own personal expression.



All students in both 2/D and 3/D art will soon be completing art work for the ART TO REMEMBER fundraiser this semester.  You will receive more information soon.



Discovery Canyon Campus

Middle School 3/D Art



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