​6th Grade

​621​: Ms. Trautner (Individuals and Societies/Language and Literature), Mr. Thirkell (Mathematics/Science)


641: Mrs. Kelso (Individuals & Societies), Mr. Straka (Language and Literature), Mr. Moreno (Mathematics), and Ms. Heinrich (Science)​


642: Ms. Kavalec (Individuals & Societies), Ms. Good (Language and Literature), Ms. Gould (Mathematics), and Mrs. Smith (Science)​


​7th Grade

741​: Mrs. Schleder (Individuals & Societies), Mrs. Robbins (Language and Literature), Mrs. Turner (Mathematics), and Mr. Gary (Science)​


742: ​Ms. Podorsek (Individuals & Societies), Mrs. O'Rear (Language and Literature), Dr. Barton​ (Mathematics), and Mrs. Izzo (Science)


721:​  Mr. Wright (Individuals and Societies/Lanugage and Literature), Mrs. Brennan (Mathematics/Science)



​8th Grade

841:  Mr. Petersen (Individuals & Societies), Mr. Hilborn (Language and Literature), Mrs. Narloch​​ (Mathematics), Ms. Lundberg  (Science), and Ms. Nishimoto (Science)

​​​842: Mr. Harms (Individuals & Societies), Ms. Williams (Language and Literature), Mr. Sitzman (Mathematics), and Ms. Dewey (Science)


843: Mrs. Lee (Individuals and Societies), Ms. Griffin (Language and Literature), Mr. Fanthorp (Mathematics), Mrs. Helmuth (Science)





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    • ​​Computer Technology (Mr. Pacione)
    • Industrial Technology (Mr. Prater)
    • Gateway to Technology (Mr. O'Toole)
    • Language Acquisition/Language B: French (Ms. Hughes)
    • Language Acquisition/Language B: Spanish (Ms. Washington & Ms. Dowdy)
    • P.E. (Mr. Smiley and Ms. Grainger)
    • Performing Arts: Band & Orchestra (Mr. Mathews​)
    • Performing Arts: Choir (Mrs. Miller)
    • Performing Arts: Drama (Ms. Honold)
    • Visual Arts: 2D (Ms. Filbert​)
    • Visual Arts: 3D (Mrs. Acker​)