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Team 843 

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  • August/September - Collection 1: Culture and Belonging.

      • Students will explore how people develop their own identity within a new culture.

  • September - Discover Research Project.

      • Students will research a scientific topic of their choice, then create a multimedia presentation.

  • October/ November/December - Collection 2: Thrill of Horror.

      • Students will examine why the horror genre both terrifies and fascinates.

  • January/February - Collection 3: Move Toward Freedom.

      • Students will focus on the quest for freedom that led to the American Civil War.

  • March/April - Collection 4: Approaching Adulthood.

      • Students will explore the passage from childhood to adulthood.

  • May - Collection 6: The Value of Work.

      • Students will explore the benefits and challenges that are part of being a worker.


  •  August/September/October:

      •  Students will learn about the early Native American cultures that existed in North America from pre-history through AD 1500. They will learn about the European cultures that began to explore and create colonies in America and the conflicts that arose between and within them because of cultural and economic differences.

  • October/November/December:  

      • Students will learn about the growing colonial discontent and the events that led to the American Revolution.  They will summarize the major battles and strategies of the war and learn about the effects of the war. Students will also analyze the various political views leading to the formation of the Constitution and describe the early crises of the Republic.

  • January/February/March:

      • Students will study the acquisition of land that led to westward movement. They will also learn about the effects of this movement on various peoples and how our country changed as a result of this growth.

  • March/April/May:  

      • Students will compare the cultural and economic differences between the North and South and explain how this division led to a civil war.  Students will understand the reconstruction efforts used to reunite the country after this war.