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The first unit we will cover in science this year is our scientific inquiry unit. We will be conducting many labs to challenge students to inquiry and make labs of their own.
IB Connections and Areas of Focus for the "Here's to Looking at You! " unit:
Key Concept: Systems
Related Concept: Models, Evidence
Global Context: Scientific and Technological Innovations
Statement of Inquiry: Scientists use evidence from systematic models to explain methods in observations about the natural world!


 The first unit will be RU Proportional.  We will be investigating proportions in real life.  IB Connections and Areas of Focus for the "RU Proportional " unit:
Key Concept:  Proportions
Related Concept: Relationships, Equivalence, and Change
Global Context: Science and Exploration
Statement of Inquiry:  You can use proportions to solve for unknown values when performing science experiments.


We will finish IB Connections and Areas of Focus for the "Power Trip" unit:
Key Concept: Exponents
Related Concept: Simplification and Equivalence                                                                                                                                                                                 Global Context: Identities and Relationships
Statement of Inquiry:  Identifying and Simplifying equivalent expressions can lead to a better understanding and comparison of relationships in the world around you                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   We will begin IB Connections and Areas of focus for the "It's All Greek to Me" Unit

Language & Literature: 
In September we will be focusing on grammar, vocabulary, and writing skills that will set the expectations for all assignments we will work on this year. Then we will start our first unit titled Bold Actions. Students will be exploring the idea of facing different challenges in life, even if it means the possibility of failure. How does failure help us gain important insights into ourselves, and learning how to better ourselves? Students will be evaluating written texts, interpreting meaning, and applying critical reasoning skills to write arguments and support their claims as we progress through the unit.
IB Connections and Areas of Focus for the "Bold Actions" unit:
Key Concept: Creativity
Related Concept: Setting & Intertexuality
Global Context: Scientific & Technical Innovation
Statement of Inquiry: People explore what it means to take risks and face challenges fearlessly, based on intertextuality and setting, using innovative and creative ideas to prevail, even if it might mean failure.

IB Connections and Areas of Focus for the "Perspective and Reality" unit:
Key Concept: Perspective
Related Concept: Purpose, Point of View
Global Context: Personal and Cultural Expression
Statement of Inquiry: Perspective and point of view, based on our social constructions of reality, are what give life purpose.



We are finishing our Mesopotamia unit the week of September 18th with the all anticipated DBQ packet and essay. Then, we will venture into Ancient Egypt where students will explore how the geography of the Nile River influence the ancient culture. IB Connections and Areas of Focus for the " " unit: Walk Like and Egyptian
Key Concept: Systems
Related Concept: Civilizations and Paterns and Trends
Global Context: Scientific and Technical Innovation
Statement of Inquiry: Civilizations rely on systems, ingenuity, patterns and trends to progress.


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