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Science: We will begin our unit on Geology: Earth and It's Features! Students will be learning about plate tectonics, volcanoes, mid ocean ridges, sea floor spreading and geological hot spots and other geological features.
IB Connections and Areas of Focus for the  "Earth and It's Features" unit:
Key Concept: Change
Related Concept: Evidence and Patterns
Global Context: Orientation in Time and Space
Statement of Inquiry: Scientists observe adaptations and recognize evolutionary patterns to determine constraints and consequences that could affect the future.

Pre-Algebra B:  RU Proportional is moving into its second phase, percents.  Students will calculate the effect of percents on sales items, as well as the percent increase and decrease.  Students knowledge and application of money and the world around us will include a lesson on calculating Simple Interest.
IB Connections and Areas of Focus for the "R U Proportional " unit:
Key Concept: Relationships
Global Context: Orientation in Time and Space
Statement of Inquiry: Percents can be used in an exchange of goods and services and modeled through numerical relationships.
Our class will begin the "Being Rational in an Irrational World" Unit 
Key Concept: Form, Rational, Irrational
Global Context: Personal and Cultural Expression; Analysis and Argument
Statement of Inquiry: Different
forms and systems of numbers can be used to represent quantities in real-life situations through analysis and argument. 


Linear Algebra:We will finish IB Connections and Areas of Focus for the "Power Trip" unit:
Key Concept: Exponents
Related Concept: Simplification and Equivalence 
Global Context: Identities and Relationships
Statement of Inquiry:  Identifying and Simplifying equivalent expressions can lead to a better understanding and comparison of relationships in the world around you 
Students will begin learning how to order and solve problems with rational and irrational numbers.  They will also learn how to solve problems using  the Pythagorean Theorem.
IB Connections and Areas of Focus for the "It's All Greek to Me" Unit:
Key Concept: Relationships
Related Concepts: Pattern and Systems
Global Context: Exploration-Models
Statement of Inquiry:
Changes in number relationships can be represented by models.

Lang. & Lit.: We begin this month by finishing our first unit, titled “Bold Actions”. Students have been exploring the idea of facing challenges in life, even if it means the possibility of failure. The unit assessment will entail students researching an aviator from history and citing evidence on how she overcame challenges and/or her importance to history. We will then be starting a new unit titled Perception and Reality where we will be exploring how things in life are not always how we perceive them to be.  Finally, at the end of the month we will begin the Discovery Research Project.

IB Connections and Areas of Focus for the "Perception and Reality" unit:
Key Concept: Perspective
Related Concepts: Point of View and Purpose
Global Context: Personal and Cultural Expression
Statement of Inquiry: Perspective and point of view, based on our social constructions of reality, are what gives life purpose,

Individuals and Societies:  This month students will explore African geography and Ancient Egyptian and Israel's history, people, groups, ideas and themes. We are also looking for volunteers to help us at International Towne for our November 1st Field Trip. Email if you are interested.  Mummified apples are due Nov. 8th & 9th.

IB Connections and Areas of Focus for the "Walk Like an Egyptian " unit:
Key Concept: System   Related Concept: Civilization and Patterns and Trends    Global Context:
Science and Technological Innovation   Statement of Inquiry: Civilizations rely on systems, ingenuity, patterns and trends to progress.















































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