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We are finishing up on the Scientific Method Unit and getting ready for Ecology.  Ecology is a great unit to get us ready for High Trials.  We start off with learning about biotic and abiotic factors.  Then talk about interactions between the abiotic and biotic factors.  This unit will also have some assignments where we incorporate art!

Language and Literature


            Team 641 continues to work hard on reading and writing in Language and Literature classes. I have enjoyed getting to know your students individually and as classes as we build classroom communities this semester. We greet each other at the door before each class begins which gives us a chance for a quick check in before we get down to business. The first few minutes of class are still dedicated to having students write the daily objective and homework in their planners, although I will only sign planners if the student asks starting second quarter. Please continue to support your student by checking for their homework in their planners.

            We start our unit on Collection One: Facing Fear this month. Students are reading a non-fiction article called "Fears and Phobias" before starting a brief research project on one specific phobia of their choice. Poetry exploring the effects of Hurricane Katrina and the short story  "The Ravine", which is about the internal conflict of listening to fear in the midst of peer pressure, will round out our texts for the unit. We have discussed the T.H.I.E.V.E.S. pre-reading strategy and continue to practice using Cornell notes for our non-fiction reading and research. This week, we head to the library for a lesson about finding quality research sites and proper citations. TEA paragraph structure will be the focus for our writing this month, starting with identifying the parts of expository paragraphs, color coding those parts,  and examining the use of transitions to move between ideas. As scheduling permits, some students on our team will work with Mrs. Mayne's third grade class by editing their persuasive and narrative writing.


Your student will be working on properties of math, algebraic expressions, and equations. 

Individuals and Societies:

We will be exploring geography and history of Colorado in preparation for High Trails.