DCC MS Athletics

 Discovery Canyon Middle School Athletics


​There will be the opportunity for the 7th Grade IS Boys Basketball players to participate in an extra practice if they would like on Friday, February 19 from 12-2 pm in the DCC MS Gym. This practice is OPTIONAL.


​LIfetouch will be here to photograph the 7th and 8th Grade Boys Interscholastic and Intramural teams on Tuesday, March 6 at 3:30 in the MS Gym. Athletes should wear their uniform and/or team t-shirt. Order forms will be distributed to players by the coaches at practice prior to picture day or orders can be placed online at lifetouchsports.com. Please contact Julie Schraml with any questions at julie.schraml@asd20.org or 234-3821.

DCC MS Athletic Program Description


The Discovery Canyon Campus interscholastic sports program is open to all students starting in grade seven and continuing through grade twelve. Interscholastic sport teams compete against similar grade level teams from other public schools. While every student has the opportunity to participate in the intramural program, students are selected by the coaching staff to participate on interscholastic athletic teams. A limited numbers of students can participate on interscholastic teams. Each interscholastic competition season is approximately seven weeks in length.




Girls': Cross Country, Softball, Volleyball, Basketball, Track & Field

Boys': Cross Country, Football, Wrestling, Basketball, Track & Field

8th grade girls' softball 2014:
8th grade softball2_672x282.jpg 
Four members of 6th grade boys' Cross Country:
Spotlight at DCC_September 5, 2014.png 
Intramurals are an integral part of the overall experience at Discovery Canyon. The intramural philosophy is one of inclusion. The Discovery Canyon Campus intramural program goal is to learn basic concepts of the activity being offered including skills, strategies and sportsmanship.
Requirements for participation are a willingness to learn and a ​great attitude. Every Discovery Canyon student is encouraged to participate in at least one intramural activity.
Intramural activities may include: basketball, softball, wrestling, volleyball, tennis and golf.



Notes from

Mr. Geraci,

the Athletic Director: 

  • All participants must fill out the DCC Emergency Contact Information form found in all sports registration packets.
  • Sports registration packets must be submitted with a current physical if one is not on file. Please call Julie Schraml at 234-3821 if you are in need of assistance with this.

Contact Mr. Geraci via email with questions.