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Digital Learning Program (DLP)

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 A Note on Terminology: 

The terms "DLP" (Digital Learning Program) and "BYOD" (Bring Your Own Device) can be interchangeable. At DCC Middle, we choose to use "DLP" to emphasize our focus on digital learning rather than simply using devices.

Digital Learning Program

DLP ​Mission:

At Discovery Canyon Middle School, our Digital Learning Program (DLP) aims to support goals of developing self-directed lifelong learners by leveraging digital resources, encouraging student ownership of learning, enhancing student engagement, and collaborating as responsible citizens.


If you have any questions or concerns with anything DLP-related, please e-mail the Librarian, Michelle Barton:

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DCC Middle's DLP ​Timeline:

Phase 1: Grade 7 Pilot (begin January 2017)

Phase 2: Grades 7 and 8 (Fall 2017)

Phase 3: Full implementation in Grades 6-8 (Spring 2018)